Hottest Technologies in Recruiting

1. Big data Analytics

Broadbean, LinkedIn and dozens of others are now selling data, tools, and analytics services to help you assess, analyze, and improve your recruiting function.

2. Use of video in recruitment

This is our domain. Being a pioneer in this space each day we see eyes widening, smiles spreading among recruiters when their problems are being solved one by one. Video interviewing is used by many organizations as first level interview before an in-person meeting. It helps both the recruiter and the candidate to save a lot of time and effort before there is a fit/match established. This also ensures that each candidate gets a fair chance in the review process. It also helps in avoid schedule conflicts as candidate can take it from home and expedite the entire process. You can signup for free at Interview Master.

3. Improved Applicant Tracking Systems

While we provide a basic ATS suitable for small clients, we have seen our peers like Taleo, Successfactors, Bullhorn coming up with new features on a daily basis. Some even help you manage ad campaigns for your job ads.

4. Social Sourcing

This is more a big brand/cool startup phenomenon but cannot be ignored. Having a LinkedIn recruiter license is no longer a differentiation as everyone else has one too.

5. Assessment

Some of the hot companies include Evolv, PeopleAnswers and Checkster. The science is evolving everyday.

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