Hiring Made Easy for Startups

As founders we are always daunted by uphill tasks of meeting so many candidates for filling one or two position we hire for occasionally. Most of the time we end up doing the work of potential new hires ourselves as we fail to find time to spend on hiring in addition to Coding, Meeting Clients, SEO, Ads, Fund Raising, Accounting, Procurement and what not.
Using Interview Master for hiring means you spend less than 5 minutes setting up interview. Once setup send interview invites to candidates whom you come across in job portals, social networks, referrals or elsewhere as and when you find them. Finally on one of those rare weekends when you have an hour to spare sit down and review the collected interviews. Select the best 2 or 3 (collaborate with your co-founders if required, again no need to schedule this) for an in person discussion in your favorite coffee shop and provide an offer to the one you like. if you do not like anyone you can always go back to the next best interviews in the account.
So your schedule is not disrupted, you are not traveling every other day to meet a candidate, you don’t conclude an interview saying it was a complete waste of time. If you like what you read please sign up for an account at www.interviewmaster.in. It is free.
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